Real Estate at The Williston Mile

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Property Overview

The Williston Mile Community is divided into 15 twenty-acre lots, with common grassed easements and lanes for convenient and safe access of horses to the racetrack and other parts of the facility. All lots will include access from a county road, and custom gated entry to each individual lot. The development has gently rolling hills, and we are planting twenty-foot tall live oak trees throughout the community to improve the shade opportunities for horses.

The Williston Mile site was chosen because of the high quality of the soils it offered, being used as cultivated, fertilized farmland for many years. The land is capable of sustaining quality grass pasture and this is already evident by the beautiful green Bahia grass we have growing there.

We feel that The Williston Mile, upon your comparison with other top area training centers, will provide the best value for you money, without any sacrifices. We welcome your further inquiries in The Williston Mile.